Eat Craft Workshop

Eat Craft Workshop at Artis Kids Store Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is A culinary playground for kids; designed to inspire and engage the culinary curiosity of budding Chefs, we stir-up creativity while building on basic skills.

We'll whip up a deliciously savoury and a sweet treat while mastering mixing, measuring, kneading and tasting. Know more about nutrition and food handling, kitchen safety, vocabulary, tools and techniques while having FUN learning how to prepare great kids' recipes.

Prepare, cook and then EAT !

All the recipes are easy-to-make and super-delicious to eat. Bring home a recipe card for more try outs at home.






Thursday - Sunday

  • 10.30am - 12.30pm
  • 01.00pm - 03.00pm
  • 03.30pm - 05.30pm


  1. Only by appointment.
  2. Drop + Shope Fees shall be applicable to non-members only.
  3. No Membership Fees shall be required.
  4. Prior bookings preferred.
  5. All purchases must be utilised within the same day of purchase.




  • CREATIVITY - encouraging creativity with opportunity for independent decision making.
  • BEING UNIQUE - experimenting with ingredients and designs to express and embrace their uniqueness as individuals.
  • LIFE LESSONS OF CHANGE - going through many processes of heating and freezing foods, grinding and pounding out foods, measuring and mixing foods; to show change is not always bad.
  • EDUCATIONAL - expanding a child's mind to relate kitchen activities of measuring, cutting, whisking to maths; boiling water and then freezing it to science.
  • SELF-CONFIDENCE - building sense of empowerment and ownership through practice of extra kitchen knowledge and skills.
  • MOTOR SKILL COORDINATION - improving a child's motor skill coordination by introducing mixers, blenders, graders, grinders, etc; under close supervsion at all times.
  • GENDER ROLES - demonstrating importance of kitchen works capability as an equal-opportunity for all genders/
  • CULTURAL DIFFERENCES - sharing cultures and customs of others with opportunity of fun food preparation from other countries.
  • CAREER OPPORTUNITIES - getting kid's feet wet to help realise there are no real limitations when it comes to careers.


  • Healthy quick meals
  • Making food fun
  • Great holiday gift
  • Cute cakes and cupcakes
  • Yummy desserts


  1. Enquire within for updated Eat Craft recipe calendar.
  2. Recipes are subject to change due to availability or at Eat Craft discretion.
  3. For groups of more than 3 children a reservation must be made. Please call outlet to reserve a date and time.

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